I started teaching in 1984, in the days where they handed you a teacher’s edition and a box of chalk. Literally. There were no standards to follow. We taught what was in the textbook unless we could figure out something else to do. Even with such limited resources, I LOVED planning! I pored through the textbook. I attended conferences to get new ideas. [CAMT is my fav!] I haunted to teacher stores and libraries and attended every PD they would send me to.

Fast forward to the beginning of the Standards era. Every minute of every class needed to be tied to standards. Lessons were coded to standards and the standard had to be written on the board. I fell in love with curriculum. [I’m fully aware of how geeky that is.] All of a sudden, my favorite supplemental resources didn’t match what I needed to teach, and the textbook certainly didn’t. I spent hours on the weekends ensuring that my teaching was targeted to the whole standard, not just part of it. And I continued to go to PD and conferences. [NCTM is awesome too!]

Fast forward again to 2014. My state had new standards and wasn’t doing Common Core. Instructional resources available nationally weren’t aligned to our new standards. So, I founded TeachTransform.

TeachTransform is a curriculum-based supplemental company. When we create a book, we start with the standards. Once the standards are chosen, we focus on the what:

  • Analyze the verbs in the standard, the standard’s depth, and its complexity.
  • Research how the standard is tested.
  • Research the math so that we are sure to hit all the facets of the concepts. [This book is one of our go-to books for Grades 3-5.]

Once we’ve done that, we decide how we will teach the concepts.

Few supplemental resources and individual activities go that far. For example, anyone can write a set of Join problems. But do they ensure that the unknown is in all three places? Do they write Separate problems with the unknown in all three places? That’s what we do. We write activities for the hard-to-teach concepts. Eventually we will get around to the easy-to-teach stuff. Maybe…

If you are looking for resources that teach the whole standard, that engage students in hands on learning, and that are fun to teach, check out TeachTransform’s Texas, Common Core, and even Australia resources. Not in one of those states? Send me [carolg@teachtransform.com] a message. We will revise and customize our books to match your standards.