Sums to 10 & Differences within 10 – TEKS

Students model, draw, and solve to build fluency and learn to solve problems.


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  • Mix & match fully-editable PowerPoints with Story Mats and Recording Sheets to model student thinking
  • Join, Separate, & Part-Part-Whole problems
  • Numberless problems
  • Sums to 10 & differences within 10
  • Number bonds, ten frames, Part-Part-Whole mats, & number lines
  • Build fluency
  • Develop problem solving
  • Understand problem types

Available in English

Develop Kindergarten fluency, number sense, & problem solving using Building Fluency Using Problem Types: Sums to 10 & Differences within 10

How does it work? 

  • Which problem type do you want to work on? Choose from Join, Separate, Part-Part-Whole, or Mixed problems. Or if your students are ready for a challenge, use Numberless problems.
  • What context do you want to use? Choose from the park, the farm, or a child’s room. Story mats can be printed in color or black & white.
  • How do you want your students to model their thinking? After they model on the story mat, then they draw pictures and explain their thinking using ten frames, number bonds, number lines, and Part-Part-Whole mats and write equations to match.

PowerPoints are interactive for teacher demonstration. Drag counters to make a picture, fill in ten frames or Part-Part-Whole mats, and show number bonds. PowerPoints are also fully editable. So you can change the numbers or the whole problem. 

Use in whole group and small group instruction. Perfect for guided math.

Building Fluency Using Problem Types includes:

  • 15 interactive, teacher-facilitated PowerPoints with Park, Child’s Room, or Farm context
      • 3 with Join problems
      • 3 with Separate problems
      • 3 with Part-Part-Whole problems
      • 3 with mixed Join, Separate, & Part-Part-Whole problems
      • 3 with Numberless problems
  • Student story mats that match the PowerPoint contexts
  • Student recording sheets to mix and match with the PowerPoints
  • Answer Keys
  • Thought Extender Questions to help students get ‘unstuck’ and focus on the math concepts
  • 24 page Teacher Guide
      • Setting Up for Instruction
      • How-To Guide with full teacher directions
      • Support for incorrect answers
      • Content explanations to deepen teacher understanding of problem types
  • Teacher support videos

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