Model – Choose – Organize – Solve – Explain

Learning the Operations

Concrete Models to Pictorial Models to Algorithms

Fluency development

The right number of steps

Find the mistake

Meaning of the remainder

Multiplication facts practice

• Whole group, small group, centers, & guided math

• Targeted academic language development

• Built-in intervention & acceleration

• Content & questioning support for teachers

• Scaffolded & accessible

English & Spanish

Learn the Facts:
Multiplication Facts Practice

Understand – Model – Solve – Remember

All the models for the multiplication facts

Fact fluency 

  • A word problem for each fact, 1s to 10s
  • A Google Slides deck for each fact set + a multiplication table 
  • English & Spanish

Using the Operations

Which Operation? How Many Operations?

Focus on choosing the right operation, the right number of steps, and answering the right question

Fluency development

All the operations All mixed up

• Academic language development

• Journaling

• Scaffolding

• English & Spanish

Available as an add-on purchase to the book

Google Slides activities can be used for whole class discussion, in small groups, in centers, or by students working at home.