Learn the Multiplication Facts

Model the fact set – Model & solve word problems – Build fluency


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  • Model the whole fact set with strip diagrams, tables, and number lines
  • Practice with the multiplication table, flash cards, and mixed problems
  • Solve word problems on differentiated templates
  • Build fluency and flexibility with facts

Available in English and Spanish


TeachTransform’s Learn the Multiplication Facts Google Slides decks develop students’ understanding of the connections between models for each fact set from the 0s to the 10s. Students understand and learn the facts using strip diagrams, input-output tables, number lines, skip counting, and flash cards. They focus on the patterns in multiplication tables and in a list. Mixed fact practice includes unknown number problems and related division facts. When they are ready to solve word problems, the 1s to 10s slide decks include one word problem for each fact on one of three templates from TeachTransform’s problems library:

• Concrete and pictorial models, arrays, and repeated addition
• Strip diagrams and number lines
• Number lines and tables

Learn the Multiplication Facts includes:

  • A slide deck for each set of facts – 0s to 10s
  • A slide deck for the whole multiplication table
  • Teacher’s Guide with ideas to address

Tutoring & Intervention

Learn the Multiplication Facts can be used by any student from Grade 3 to Grade 8 who needs multiplication fact practice. This makes a great companion for students in 3rd grade who are using Grade 3 Master Multiplication & Division. 4th and 5th graders can use the slide decks to brush up on their facts and focus on the fact sets that they have trouble recalling. Even middle schools can use these slide decks to fill foundational gaps in students’ knowledge that games can’t fill.

Instructional Alignment from Grades 3–5

Not only is the content aligned among the grades, but the instructional strategies are too. For students who are “growing up” with TeachTransform’s instructional materials, you can expect them, with a little prompting, to give an answer that includes a why, to use sentences to explain their thinking, to question each other in small groups. This lightens the instructional and cognitive load in each grade and leads to mastery.

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