TeachTransform is a huge company. Not really. There’s three of us – Jen (elementary math specialist), Katy (social media and graphic design), and me (math jack-of-all-trades and CEO).

Since June, we have created…

We are also working on all of these…

  • 2nd Grade – Addition and Subtraction
  • Kindergarten – Counting 0 to 5
  • Kindergarten – Counting 0 to 10
  • Kindergarten – Counting 0 to 20
  • 5th Grade – Graphing and Relationships
  • 3rd-5th Supplemental Instruction – 30-minute explicit skill-based instruction
  • 6th-8th Supplemental Instruction – 30-minute explicit skill-based instruction

[FYI – It’s kind of ridiculous how hard it is to write counting books so that we truly teach cardinality, subitizing, comparing, conservation of number, and composing and decomposing.]

The upshot is – We sit in front of computers all day and our brains are tired. I can’t imagine how tired everyone is who works in schools. You guys have years of tired built up.

Next week is Thanksgiving week and TeachTransform will be closed. I’m planning to cook a lot (which I like to do), play games (which I like to do if I’m winning), and sleep.

I hope you find time week to rest your brain and your body.