Grade 6 STAAR Prep & Go! – TEKS

Interactive, scaffolded STAAR practice that develops problem attack skills and problem-solving grit


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  • Connects Readiness and Supporting Standards, developing problem attack skills by concept
  • Make the problem solving process visible to help middle school students learn that solving problems is much more than picking an answer
  • Provides practice with griddables
  • Scaffolds use of formulas
  • Written in kid-friendly language while developing academic language
  • Use in small groups, intervention, or with the whole class


Grade 6 STAAR Prep & Go! is part of TeachTransform’s STAAR prep series. Each activity addresses one Readiness Standard with problems that represent the variety of ways that STAAR has assessed the SE. Students learn to read a problem, recognize what the problem is asking them to do, and answer the right question. Instead of students solving a bunch of problems and practicing wrong, students work through a Guided Analysis of the content, seeing a variety of ways the content has been tested, examining both right and wrong answer choices. There’s no drill and kill here, just quality practice and analysis. Each activity also includes a Journal that dives deeper into subtleties that some middle students miss, but that are critical to STAAR and future math success. The journal page is for all students; intervention and special ed teachers will find it particularly useful for solidifying learning. This series is for all students—those who you are working to get to Approaches, students who can get to Meets, and those who are ready to push toward Mastery.

Each activity includes:

  • 3 STAAR-like problems for each Readiness Standard with a variety of stimuli and contexts
  • Analysis that teaches problem attack skills while continuing to develop conceptual understanding
  • Unveils the similarities and differences between problems that test the same concept, along with the errors that typical middle school students make
  • Tier 3 scaffolding

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