Multiplication & Division

  • foundations & connections

  • Models for multiplication & division

  • Fluency development

Multiplication Fact Fluency

  • Models for the whole fact set 
  • Practice with the multiplication table, flash cards, and mixed problems
  • Differentiated problem solving templates
  • Development of fluency and flexibility

Applying the Operations

  • Correct operation to solve a problem
  • Difference between 1- & 2-step problems
  • Problem attack skills

Perimeter, Area, and Time

  • Perimeter as an extension of length
  • Area and multiplication connected
  • Difference between perimeter and area
  • Multiple models for time

Fractions: Foundations

  • Representations of fractions

  • Unit fractions

  • Partitioning

  • Sizes of fractional parts

Fractions: Equivalence & Comparison

  • Representations of equivalent fractions

  • Fraction comparisons when the numerator or denominator is the same