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helping children learn and love to learn math

TeachTransform, Inc. was founded in 2014. Our mission is to create instructional materials that help children learn and love to learn math. And to make math fun to teach! We love math and think that everyone should. We believe that students need to learn the why of math so that they can remember the how. Our activities are hands-on, brains-on fun.

TeachTransform instructional materials are designed to build classroom relationships between teachers and students and among students. We build understanding and academic language for all learners through questioning, discussion, and journaling.

Our books are collections of activities. But in no way are they random. We believe that quality instruction begins with a vertically- and horizontally-aligned curriculum. Our materials are written to match the standards, not written and matched to the standards. All you curriculum geeks out there understand this distinction.

Here’s how we choose the content and activities for a book. First, we start with a topic and the state standards, like 3rd grade fractions. Then the curriculum geeks at TeachTransform go to work. We decide which standards the book will address and dive into their depth and complexity. We decide which part(s) of the standards each activity will address. Then our teacher brains kick in and we plan the instruction. We build activities the way a teacher would build a unit if they had all the time in the world. We begin with contexts that engage learners, starting with the concrete experiences and ramping up to the most sophisticated content for that grade level with lots of engaging practice. We recall the mistakes our students made, their misconceptions, and plan activities that target those issues. We consider how students learn differently. We connect with the previous grade level and have an eye towards the upcoming grade level.

Rather than separating out activities for students who learn differently, we build scaffolding into the activities so that all students can participate in the learning and fun. For example, our Grade 3 Multiplication & Division book includes three fun math stories, each with two different sets of numbers, one higher and one lower. The activity has templates with a variety of multiplication models to match the sets of numbers. Everyone gets to read a fun math story and students get to work on the multiplication models that make the most sense to them, but that stretch them towards the standard algorithm. Differentiation, simplified.

We believe that quality, effective math instruction is an equity issue. All children should have access to math materials that allow them to think critically and flexibly, without regard to home language, socioeconomic status, or skin color. We aim to equip learners with the foundation to be college-goers and graduates.

TeachTransform loves teachers and highly respects the work that they do with their students. As teachers ourselves, we know that planning period time often gets overtaken by other duties. Our instructional materials are fully aligned to the state standards, so teachers don’t have to spend their time checking alignment. They are easy to set up and easy to use. Each activity has a full How-To Guide that tells how to run the activity with the class. We know that experienced teachers will use our How-To Guides as a jumping off point for their great instruction. But the How-To Guides also provide lots of support for new teachers and teachers who are new to the grade.

About Us

Carol, along with a team of math instruction super fans, has written more than 50 books of math instructional materials!

Carol Gautier

Carol Gautier


Former STEM coach, was the math supervisor for Austin ISD, and served as Math and Science Coordinator at Region 13 in Austin, TX.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

Mathematics Products Specialist

Jen has been a classroom teacher, math interventionist, and instructional coach. Jen fell in love with math while helping her daughter understand it. Now she designs math activities so that your students can fall in love with math too.

Katy Gautier

Katy Gautier

Graphic Design & Social Media

Katy graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. By day, Katy works on Social Media and Design for TeachTransform. By night, she fights crime with Superman in Metropolis!