Grade 3 Master Multiplication & Division – TEKS

Model – Draw – Explain – Solve – Justify – Journal

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 Digital Activity Digital Activity

Digital Activity - Spanish

  • Understand the meaning of multiplication and division and their relationship
  • Model operations using equal groups, repeated addition or subtraction, arrays, strip diagrams, number lines, skip counting, and tables
  • Solve a multiplication and division problem for every fact
  • Multiply using mental math
  • Develop fluency using fact strategies
  • Model 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication using concrete models, arrays, area models, partial products, and the standard algorithm
  • Solve multiplication and division problems – all mixed up

Available in English and Spanish


TeachTransform’s Grade 3 Master Multiplication & Division develops the meaning of multiplication and division through use of concrete and pictorial models. Then it teaches students strategies to remember the facts. With a major focus on differentiation, activities include interchangeable templates with models to meet individual student needs, and a myriad of multiplication and division word problems to choose from.

For 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication, choose among stories with both a higher or lower number set and among templates tailored for different models, allowing all students to read the fun stories and to practice the models that meet them where they are.  

Silly characters and contexts keep students interested and develop problem solving grit. For example, students model multiplication with Professor Pancake and Hadley the Dog. And they crack their craniums in Cranium Crackers to use mental math to multiply.

Grade 3 Master Multiplication & Division includes activities for the whole class, small groups, centers, intervention, and guided math that build the academic language of the operations.

Each activity includes:

  • TEKS
  • Setting Up for Instruction
  • How-To Guide with full teacher directions including questions
  • Thought Extender Questions to help students get ‘unstuck’ and focus on the math concepts
  • Answer Key
  • Content explanations to deepen teacher understanding of fraction concepts
  • Instruction extras to support implementation of instructional strategies

Digital Activities

Activities are available as Google Slides for an add-on purchase to be used in whole class demonstrations, as small group work, or for remote learning.

Tutoring & Intervention

Grade 3 Master Multiplication & Division activities can be used for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 instruction in 3rd grade. The activities can also be used to catch 4th graders up and fill in gaps without loss of rigor or time. For example, for 4th graders struggling to remember their multiplication facts, focus warmups on a particular fact strategy from 3rd Grade Master Multiplication & Division, such as the 9s Fact Set or the 4s and 6s . Use Hadley the Dog to remind students how to multiply 2-digit by 1-digit numbers and Lots of Word Problems for practice.

Instructional Alignment from Grades 3–8

Not only is the content aligned among the grades, but the instructional strategies are too. For students who are “growing up” with TeachTransform’s instructional materials, you can expect them, with a little prompting, to give an answer that includes a why, to use sentences to explain their thinking, to question each other in small groups. This lightens the instructional and cognitive load in each grade and leads to mastery.

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